May 17, 2007

The Skippy Stalin Interview, Abridged

[On August 28 and 29 of last year, I interviewed the famous Skippy Stalin of the blog Eat Every Sandwich. What follows are some highlights from that interview.] more...

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May 14, 2007

Publicola Interview

Who was that brilliant thinker who said this?:

Listen, i'm not saying i think people should have rushed him or anything like that. If i was unarmed, and i was a guy, i'm not sure i would have had the guts to rush him. Even if a couple of other guys went with me. In the spur of the moment, I can understand hesitating, who wants to be the one guy who gets shot so the others can jump him? Bravery like that doesn't exist in our culture anymore, as Professor Librescu demonstrated. What i am saying is that one guy with a gun could have stopped the whole thing. And every. body. fucking. knows. It. One guy. Because, think about it... If you're unarmed, it takes a hell of a lot of guts to jump a guy with two guns, but if you're sitting in that room, and you know you've got a gun in your pocket there is absolutely no way you're not going to use it. How could you live with yourself if 32 people die and you know you could have stopped it? You'd have to intervene. Whereas, unarmed people don't have that kind of motivation. They are more likely to wait for the Librescus of the world to save them.
Guess who.

Update: Part 2 is here.

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June 23, 2006

The King And I

If I had an internet messenger chat with Larry King, i think it might go a little bit like this:

larrykinglive: tonight, a journey from private heartbreak to internet superstardom with annika. she shares memories and family secrets and more in an emotional hour next on LARRY KING LIVE

annikagyrl: wha?

larrykinglive: hello annika!

annikagyrl: who are you?

larrykinglive: A great pleasure to welcome to LARRY KING LIVE, annika becker, of annika's journal, we'll get to your calls in a moment. but first annika, why blogging?

annikagyrl: what do you mean?

larrykinglive: did it surprise you how popular blogs have become?

annikagyrl: is that you Jason? cut it out.

larrykinglive: you were diagnosed as bi-polar schizophrenic with homicidal tendencies as a child. did that affect you growing up?

annikagyrl: wha? are you on something dude?

larrykinglive: do you enjoy blogging?

annikagyrl: umm yeah

larrykinglive: speaking of um yeah, he'll be our guest on LARRY KING LIVE tomorrow night. we're on with annika becker of annika's journal. Do you get many trolls?

annikagyrl: actually the people who comment at my site are mostly all nice... there was this one guy who..

larrykinglive: ...let's take some calls. pompano beach florida, hello

callerdude: hi annika, big fan here

larrykinglive: did you have a question for our guest?

annikagyrl: this is really weird. are you sure you're not some kind of bot?

callerdude: I just wanted to say that you're just great. Up until you i found you, I was reading margret cho's blog but you totally set me straight,

annikagyrl: oh that's good. i'm glad you stopped reading that awful blog

callerdude: oh no i read you both, i think youre both just great

larrykinglive: do you enjoy reading other people's blogs?

annikagyrl: yes, i try to whenever i can,

larrykinglive: barbra streisand has a blog

annikagyrl: does she, i didn't think she did

larrykinglive: marvelous voice don't you think

annikagyrl: well, i guess, she's not one of my favorites

larrykinglive: rosie o'donnell has a blog it's very funny

annikagyrl: it's horrible, she's a terrible writer

larrykinglive: have you ever thought about entering politics?

annikagyrl: actually when i was little, i wanted to be president

larrykinglive: the first lesbian president...

annikagyrl: im not a lesbian

larrykinglive: it says here you're a lesbian

annikagyrl: where?

larrykinglive: on your blog

annikagyrl: i think you must be looking at rosie's blog

larrykinglive: oh your right, i am. Austin texas, you're on with annika becker

callerchick: yes hello annika, i'm a bi-polar schizophrenic with homicidal tendencies too, i was wondering if you had any drug recommendations?

larrykinglive: any drug recommendations... annika?

annikagyrl: drug recommendations? but i am not a schizophrenic, i don't know why you said that, i think you're on drugs

larrykinglive: did you enjoy rehab?

annikagyrl: what the fucxx?

larrykinglive: many talented people suffer from mental disorders. Next week, Tom Cruise will be on the show. Let's get another call. Mapleside Maryland, hello...

confusedcaller: hello annika

annikagyrl: hello

confusedcaller: first i want to say i love you and i think you're great

annikagyrl: well thanks

confusedcaller: is there any chance you might try to qualify for another PGA event?

larrykinglive: another PGA in your future annika?

annikagyrl: i'm not that annika

larrykinglive: michelle wie can really hit the ball, are you two friends?

annikagyrl: i dont even play golf

larrykinglive: right now we go to west chenango, new york. hello

liberalcaller: i think you're a worthless no-talent whore and a shill, you're bad for america, and only an idiot cares what you say. i'm going to have a party the day you quit, which i hope is soon because i cant fucking stand you and you make me sick

annikagyrl: well, i don't know how to respond to that...

liberalcaller: actually i was talking to larry

larrykinglive: Next week Celine Dion! we have time for one more call. Rubidoux, California, hello

annikagyrl: i love the name of that town

larrykinglive: don't you? it's fun to say. rubidoux rubidoux rubidoux

rubycaller: hello annika?

larrykinglive: rubidoux ruby rubidoux

annikagyrl: lol

rubycaller: i was wondering annika, what's the deal with the pumpkin?

larrykinglive: that's all the time we have. Tomorrow night on LARRY KING WEEKEND, we'll talk with Bill Maher. Boy, can he tell a joke, right annika.

annikagyrl: not really

larrykinglive: Until then, arrivaderci.

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June 22, 2005

Liveblogging The Bug-Eyed Bride Interview (With Casca)

And for the record, letting somebody think somebody they love is dead, when they're not, is quite cruel.

Kill Bill, Vol. 2

In what was most likely a really bad idea, i decided to ask Casca to help me live-blog the Jennifer Wilbanks interview that aired last night with Kiki Kouric on NBC.

But i'll be damned if i'm going to waste an hour of my life (and Casca's) live-blogging that shit and not post about the stupid thing.

You've probably already heard the main sound bite from the show. The bride took a bottle of pills on the bus with her, but decided "not to play God." Someone needs to tell John Mason that any girl who considered killing herself rather than marrying him, may not be "the one." Cut your losses dude.

Anyway, here's some excerpts from my IM critique with Casca: more...

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February 23, 2005

TP Interview Part II

Hey all. Part two of Tony Pierce's interview with me is up. Thanks for the love Tony! We really get into some shit this time: Bukowski, the French, smoking Wead, neocons and wmd, Nathanael West, trekkies and Wil Wheaton, to name a few.

Here's part one, in case you missed it. Topics that time included .pdf manipulation, Ana Marie Cox, rabbits in space, my ex's, and the Gannon brothers.

Between Matt's and Tony's interviews and my own 100 things list, i don't think there's anything you don't know about me. Except for my current hair color, maybe.

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February 20, 2005

OMG Tony Pierce Is So Awesome!

Read Part One of my interview. It's even illustrated!

Then go buy How To Blog.

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February 05, 2005

Matt Rustler Interviewed Me

Haha, Matt Rustler is a bad bad person. He interviewed me like around Veteran's Day, i think. Then i waited. And waited. Okay, so i know he's a busy lawyer, husband and father, but heck what about my ego? Huh, how about that?! Anyways, better late than never, he's finally got around to posting it. Topics include Anglophilia, bra-lessness, Catholicism, how i started blogging, my (now ex) boyfriend, Douhetian theory, and Murphy's Stout. Matt's a sweetie, and it was a fun interview. So if you are at all interested in what makes me tick, go over there now and read it.

Update: Reading through the interview, i noticed a contradiction between what i told Matt and what i said in my interview with Sarah about the first blog i ever read. As i recall now, the first blog i ever saw has to have been TranceJen, which i probably pulled up during a google search about electronic trance music. The first blog i ever linked to was, i think, Anne straight from the hip, which is still on my blogroll after all these months. Just my opinion, but both are among the best personal blogs you'll ever hope to find.

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February 03, 2005

annieconversations: The Hugo Schwyzer Interview

For this month's annieconversation, i interviewed Professor Hugo Schwyzer. His blog is one of my favorites and should be on your regular reading list too; it's always so thought provoking. Topics for discussion include feminism and sexuality, chinchillas, religion, and that ever popular subject: butt-cleavage. How's that for a teaser? Read on. more...

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January 11, 2005

annieconversations: The Desperate Housewives Chat

Desperate Housewives has become a cultural phenomenon of sorts. So i decided to enlist frequent commenter Casca to help me goof on analyze last Sunday's episode via IM, since we're both in the same time zone. What follows are the results of that analysis: more...

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December 16, 2004

Chicks Dig Tanks: The Sarah Interview

i'm in the middle of my first week of exams. i'll let you know how that's going later on. But in the meantime, Sarah of Trying to Grok was nice enough to let me interview her earlier this month, so i could post it during my finals. She's a pretty amazing blogger with a wide array of interests, as you will see. Sarah's blog has been a daily must-read for me ever since she came over to Munuviana. Trying to Grok isn't your typical mil-blog either - Sarah is a teacher and a military wife. i love her honest writing style and she's always got really good links to fun and informative stuff. Enjoy the interview, and i'll try to check in again this weekend. more...

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December 02, 2004

annieconversations: The Ginger Interview

As promised, in the extended entry you'll find my interview with Ginger, who along with co-blogger Candace, runs one of my all-time favorite blogs, Candied Ginger. i apologize for it's length, but i do get chatty when i'm chatting. Plus, we had a lot of ground to cover. Topics include, blogging, fashion, books, TV, politics, plastic surgery disasters, a certain really cute blogger, and of course, shoes! Please read on... more...

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October 28, 2004

annieconversations: Publicola

annikagyrl: i'm here now with Publicola, who is one of my favorite bloggers, and also one of the oldest visitors to my blog. Hi Publicola...

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