April 21, 2005

Apprentice Live Blogging

Got a late start. Missed the project assignments.

9:10 - Hey Net Worth, if the cell phone don't work, pick up a land line. That's a no brainer.

9:15 - Net Worth is making a tabouret. Magna a lazy susan.

9:25 - i'm waiting for Craig to throw a tape dispenser at Kendra. That would be funny.

9:28 - On second thought, that's not a tabouret, it's a credenza.

9:29 - Craig's doin' a verbal smackdown on Kendra. If they lose, Tana is golden in the boardroom. But Kendra has immunity, interesting. Craig has totally missed that key dynamic, which could be his undoing.

9:31 - No, i changed my mind again. Since it has wheels, it's a tabouret. It looks expensive too.

9:33 - Net Worth lost. Back to the ivory tower, boys.

9:35 - Haha, the Staples "Desk Apprentice" is actually for sale. i think it's stupid. Too big for most desks, plus you need to keep the area around it clear so it will spin, thus it takes up even more space.

9:39 - The rainbow room looks suweet. i just heard the male half of the tv audience let out an audible sigh of disappointment when Carolyn revealed she was married.

9:42 - It's traditional at my place to say "Trump" in unison when the boss walks into the boardroom.

9:43 - Can lawyers be creative? Sad to say, in my experience, mostly no.

9:45 - Alex, you're a loser, face it.

9:48 - i love that Jetta commercial where the dude's on a job interview and his car radio comes on accidentally and it's way too loud.

9:50 - Alex is the "hungriest person here." Should have had lunch before he went in. Brin has trouble "taking risks." Might have wanted to keep that to himself. Trump just smelled blood.

9:52 - "Branson went after me, I killed 'im. Cuban went after me, I killed 'im." Whoaaa. Nice trash talkin' Don. What about Martha, i wonder?

9:53 - It's Bren. He didn't want it. i just watched him commit boardroom hari-kari. Talkin' about how he'd rather be home with his kids. i can respect that. Oh well. Another bow-tie bites the dust.

9:59 - In the cab, did i hear Brin clicking his heels together three times?

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April 14, 2005

Apprentice Blogging

By far the best Apprentice episode of this season. It had everything: drama, tears, comedy, sex. Well maybe not sex, but Tana and Craig did sleep in the same room together, while Kendra was having orgasms over her brochure design.

Oh and by the way, i was blogging about the Solstice over a year ago. And i think the picture i took would have looked great on Net Worth's brochure. At least mine was in focus.

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April 13, 2005

Funniest Reality TV Quote Of The Year...

"Only in a America can a black man have a Rolex, drive a Audi, and y'all be workin' at Burger King."

--Burger King drive through patron, upon seeing Paris and Nicole working the window.

Runners up:


--Simon Cowell to Anthony Federov.

"Are you not a homosexual?"

"Sir, I am not a homosexual."

--Boardroom exchange between Trump and hotheaded Chris.

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April 11, 2005

The Great Moussaka Experiment 2005

annika's Great Moussaka Experiment 2005 is underway as i write this. Recipe from my Greek roommate's mom. Fingers crossed. Pictures to follow. more...

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