February 25, 2005

Uselessly Vague Philip K. Dick Referenced Blogging

Do really lonely farm robots fuck electric sheep?

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February 21, 2005

Completely Lame Robot Mailbag Post

annika's journal gets mail, and Robot Week is no exception.

To: Annika
From: Leonard Nimoy
Subject: Robots

Dear Annika,

I was reading through your blog from beginning to end, and I noticed this Robot related post from last March. In it you incorrectly refer to Iron Man as a colossal death robot.

Allow me to point out that Iron Man, while colossal and deadly, was not a robot at all. A key fact, which you seem to have quite forgotten, is that Iron Man "was turned to steel in a great magnetic field."

Logic therefore dictates that Iron Man was at one time a carbon-based life form, and at no time was he a mechanical device, which by definition all robots are.

Please correct this error.

Sorry, Mr. Nimoy. If that is your real name. It's too late to correct that entry, so you can just kiss my ass.

Iron Man? Gimme a break. "Why should we even care?"

Any more celebrities wanna take a shot at me?

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February 20, 2005

Robot Week On annika's journal


i have unilaterally decided to designate this week as Robot Week here on annika's journal.

i'm not sure what all that will entail, besides putting up the new poll on my sidebar, which i encourage you to vote in.

Oh, and experimenting with a new robot-friendly font.

Maybe i'll do a post about Al Gore...

...in Fortran.

Any suggestions?

Robot week! Come celebrate it with me.

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More Completely Useless Sunday Afternoon Blogging

Laurie Dhue appears to be retaining water.


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February 17, 2005

Useless Candy Blogging

Why hasn't Reese's made a peanut butter cup in dark chocolate?

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Bush Picks His Intelligence Czar

Intelligence czar?

The first order of business, i would imagine, will be teaching the president how to pronounce "nuclear."

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February 16, 2005

How Committed A Fan Are You?

No no, i'm not expecting everyone anyone to get an annie's journal tattoo...

annie's journal tattoo

...although i won't discourage the idea.

Now that i think of it, that would be a great way to advertise - and i need only 93 more links to pass fatbody Oliver Willis on the Ecosystem!

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February 14, 2005

Lame Or Genius Idea?

Over at Paul's a commenter named EEKer posted the following comment, and i can't decide whether it's a lame idea or a genius idea.

Years ago I was able to convince my wife that it would be really romantic to switch off for Valentines every year. One year she is the Valentine and the next I am. This was a good move. She ate it up and loves the idea. Now I'm off the hook at least every other year. This year I'm coasting!
i guess it depends on how long the relationship has been around. It would probably be a bad idea to suggest trading off years when you're still dating. But after a few years of marriage, i could see the idea having its advantages.

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