August 10, 2005

Nonsensical Connection


i don't know what it means, but i'm sure it's significant in some strange metaphysical way.

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August 08, 2005

Compliance Update

For safety reasons i have regularly monitored the actuation readings of this blog on a semi-periodic basis. Up until now, i have done this without telling anyone, because i didn't want to alarm you.


Now, with the new federal regulations set to kick in at the beginning of next year, i've decided to make the semi-periodic actuation readings public. i feel it's always better for my visitors to know, rather than to not know. And i am proud to say that this is the first blog in the history of the blogosphere to comply in advance with the upcoming, more stringent federal guidelines as enumerated at Title 51, vol. 3, ch. XVIII, parts 751 to 782, subparts S through T, inclusive.

i hope that by providing this information to you, i have put at least some of your minds at ease. Feel free to contact me with any concerns you might have, but at this time i'd like to remind everyone that to date there has been no credible study linking blog actuation levels to any serious health risk. However, i'm sure you will agree that it never hurts to be safe and informed. That's part of my commitment to you, dear visitor, to keep you safe and/or informed.

Carry on.

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