January 31, 2008

List Of Reasons Why We Conservatives Need To Suck It Up And Get Behind McCain


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January 30, 2008

Don't Forget...

With Edwards out, its a lot easier now for Al Gore to make his endorsement. And he hates Hillary. Expect an announcement soon that will be bigger than the Kennedy coup.

P.S. I will be giving my first opening statement in about one hour. I'm ready. If you happen to be on my jury, vote for me (but don't tell anyone I told you to.)

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January 24, 2008

Useless SWA Blogging

It used to be "ha ha suckas, I'm in group A and you're all losers!" Now some idiot has changed the rules and I can only go, "haha suckas I'm in group A, number 20!" meaning there are still 19 people who I am not better than, which sucks.

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If Anyone Was Wondering If You Can Blog From The iPhone The Answer Is Yes

Some say that when traveling one should never pass a restroom without stopping. I however, subscribe to the belief that one should never pass a Cinnabon counter without stopping.

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January 17, 2008

Tom Petty's Los Angeles

The L.A. Weekly has a cover story on Tom Petty's Los Angeles, complete with a map of several important Pettyania locations. Interesting, but I always complained that Petty, who moved here from Florida in 1974, was somewhat mistaken about the geography of his adoptive home. Exhibit A is the following line from the hit "Free Fallin':"

It's a long day living in Reseda,
There's a freeway runnin through the yard.
Um no, that's inaccurate. There's no freeway in Reseda. Check Google maps; the closest freeway is US 101, which goes through Tarzana, but not Reseda.

Next I'll take on geographical inaccuracies in the screenplay for The Karate Kid.

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January 14, 2008

Little Known Legal Maxims

Blogus et billabae horae non mixerae est.

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January 10, 2008

And Then There Was Fred!

Am I the only one who thinks that Fred won tonight's Fox debate, by a mile? He picks now to sack up? What the hell?

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January 08, 2008

Post New Hampshire General Commentary Post #3

Okay so I'm resurfacing because I just can't keep silent on what happened tonight.

Keep in mind that I don't even want Obama to win, but I hate Hillary. I didn't realize that I hated her until tonight. Before I just disliked her and didn't want her to be president. Now I want to stick a knitting needle in her eye.

(If I were to stick a knitting needle in her eye, here's what I think it would sound like: "pffft..." "AAAAAHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!" etc.)

Anyways. Tell me this. Nobody—but nobody—predicted anything less than a five point Obama victory as late as yesterday. I'm talkin' Zogby, Rassmussen, CNN, CBS, etc. I know pre-election polls are often wrong, but the exit polling today also predicted a solid Obama victory.

Add to that, Clinton herself acted like a defeated woman for the past few days. She knew she was going to lose New Hampshire, because she was going to lose! Her crocodile tears, her meltdown at Saturday's debate, and Bill's tirade against the vast media conspiracy, all show a campaign that saw the writing on the wall.

Plus, I don't know anybody that thought Clinton's behavior since Iowa has helped her in any way. Everybody I talked to thought she was hurting herself badly every time she opened her mouth.

And all the coverage of the campaigning in NH since Thursday was all about how Clinton wasn't drawing crowds and Obama rallies were huge and energized.

All that stuff tells me that she cheated. Come on, it's the fucking CLINTONS, for pete's sake. They fucking cheated and you know it. These people don't care how they win; lying, cheating and stealing mean nothing to them. They're as Macchiavelian as anyone in modern politics. What did Bill say when Ken Starr had him by the balls? We'll just have to win then.

The Clinton machine was in a desperate spot today. They knew they had to win, but they also knew they couldn't turn things around that quickly. Electorates don't change their minds that fast. The only way they could do it was to cheat. But we'll sooner find out how Hillary made all that money in cattle futures than find out how she cheated on this election. I guarantee nobody will look into it. The media loves a horse race and they got one now.

Historians will write about how President Hillary saved herself with the spectacular New Hampshire comeback. But I'm telling you, this was the 2008 version of Daley delivering Chicago or Joe Kennedy buying West Virginia. Its the only possible explanation and it sucks.

Not that I want Obama to win. I admire him greatly, sure, but I disagree with him on almost every issue. I just want him to win the nomination. I used to think he couldn't win it, but now I think he can. I've never seen a guy generate that much passion and excitement as a politician. I want him to win because it will kill the baby boomer sixties counter-culture stranglehold on the Democratic party, hopefully for good. Then I want to see the Republicans nominate a guy who can beat him. Against Obama, at least it would be a fair fight.

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Post New Hampshire McCain Win Post #2 (The Semi-Lucid One)

If Mac's back, does that mean I'm back?

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Post New Hampshire Obama Loss Post #1 (The Irrational One)

Fucking Clinton machine! Fuck fuck fuck them fuckers! I hate them.

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