February 27, 2008

Swedish Humor

Here's some Swedish humor for y'all. Hope you haven't already seen it.

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February 05, 2008

California Voters Guide

Here are my recommendations for any of you California voters who have not yet gone to the polls.

For president:
Republicans - Mitt Romney.
Democrats - Barak Obama.

Proposition 91: Gas tax earmarks. Vote YES. Requires that gas taxes go to pay only for trasportation stuff, instead of into the general fund. Anything that makes it harder for the spendthrifts in Sacramento to throw money away, I'm in favor of.

Proposition 92: Community college funding mandate. Vote NO. This idiocy requires community colleges to spend more while reducing fees. Obviously its authors failed math when they went to college.

Proposition 93: Term limit reform. A tough call, but vote YES because it will ultimately reduce the term limit from 14 to 12 years, while allowing lawmakers to stay in one house instead of having to switch halfway through their terms.

Proposition 94 to 97: Vote NO on the Indian gaming initiatives. Don't turn California into another Nevada. California lawmakers need to learn how to run a state without relying on sin taxes to fund their never-ending spending spree.

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First Trial Result

11-1 for the defense. I won!

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