January 31, 2004

Everybody's Doing It

The latest blog fad seems to be the map of states you've travelled to, so here's mine.

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

There's also a map for countries visited, but mine would look pretty lame. i'd like to see coyote's map though.

Since he worked for a while as a truck driver, my brother has been to all of the lower 48. i have never been to Canada and my brother has. i'v been to Mexico, but my brother hasn't. i lived in Hawaii for two months, and Derrick is contemplating moving to Alaska.

Looking at my map i see there are some omissions in my travels that i need to rectify someday. i've always wanted to visit New England; never been there. i always wanted to see Graceland and i see that i've missed all the "border states except MO. And of course the frozen north. i'd love to go to Yellowstone someday.

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January 30, 2004

Al Francken Update

Simple stories always become more complicated the more you think about them. Take the Al Francken chop block story i blogged about here. Fellow Munuvian Stephen Macklin had some pretty interesting questions concerning the vast disparity between CNN's coverage and the NY Post's, which quoted Francken's own words.

A couple of questions spring to mind. First if the NY Post/Al Franken version of the story is true, what the hell is CNN reporting and why? Second, if the CNN story is accurate is [this] the sort of self-aggrandizing lying BS we can expect when Franken hits the radio waves?
Then Dawn at Clareified (a respectable leftie, imho) pointed out yet another version posted by Eric at The Hamster.com. Eric makes the following points/allegations:
Point #1: The Heckler First Attacked People.

Point #2: Out of Control Attacker Then Presented Danger to Dean and Crowd.

Point #3: Franken Subdued the Attacker Only After He was Attacked.

Then, in contrast to Stephen Macklin's post, the Hamster takes a shot at the "conservative" media.
The conservative media will continue to spin this in the way they see fit: Nut-case Franken assaulted an innocent man without warrant. . . . However, as a complete account from people there showed, the conservative media left out crucial details of an affair in which Al helped security guards stop an angry assaulter who attacked others and further presented a danger to the people around him.
i have no idea which version is closest to the truth. Perhaps the reality is a mixture of all versions. As the standard California Jury Instruction number 2.21 warns jurors who are about to deliberate the facts of a lawsuit:
Failure of recollection is common. Innocent misrecollection is not uncommon.
And when a particular story involves a tabloid newspaper, a comedian who's also a lying liar, and a whacked out LaRouche supporter, i'm tempted to just throw up my hands and say: whatever.

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Those Who Know

i just read that Ginger has taken the big step and told her bf about Candied Ginger.

There are trade-offs to letting people from the real world in on your blog. When i first started, i wanted to keep the whole thing a secret from everybody. i guess the theory was that i could write about my family, coworkers and friends openly, disclosing all their dirty little secrets and maybe feel better in the process. Also, if i wanted to do a post about mstbtn, i could do so without embarrassing myself too much.

As things evolved, i ended up not disclosing too many dirty secrets and to date i have yet to write anything about mstbtn (unless you count that one poem). In the meantime the secret squeaked out a bit. Now my close friends Betty, Franci, Lori and Steve all know about the blog. Franci has guest hosted and Lori comments every now and then. And i finally told my writer friend Danny from NY, from whom i kept it a secret when i visited him last summer.

My boyfriend does not know, and i don't plan to tell him. At least not unless we reach a much more serious stage than we're at now. As for my family, so far no one knows, which is the way i want it. i get so much material from my brother's shenanigans that i would hate to have to censor stories about him. My coworkers either don't know, or they have all secretly been reading for some time, due to the IS people monitoring my computer. i guess i won't find out until the day i'm reprimanded.

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Tiger Needs A Hug

Tiger encouraged me to move off of Glogspot and also hinted at the wonders of this thing called pinging. So it seems only appropriate that i experiment with the heretofore unknown (to me) technology known as TrackBack by making a reference to my favorite Texas lawyer.

Tiger needs a hug.

Yeah, I am gonna contemplate my bloggin' efforts.
He writes.
If the most I can accomplish is pissin' off the people I am tryin' to compliment, then maybe I could make better use of my time.
Uh uh, sweetie. Don't even think about quitting. The 'sphere would not be the same without you! Remember the most wonderful thing about Tiggers?

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January 29, 2004

More Brittany Bashing By annika

Is it me or is something missing on the skankwoman in this pic? i mean, maybe she doesn't have any, you know what i mean? Which would support my theory that she's really a robot. A dim-witted, bubble headed robot who can't sing.

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Carson And Lileks

One night last month during the holidays, while i visited my mom and dad, we all watched The Tonight Show. As he often does, my dad started comparing Leno to Johnny Carson.

“Boy, I sure miss Carson,” he said.

“Me too,” mom added. “He was the best. Jay Leno just doesn’t compare.”

Dad turned to me. “Sissy, you’re too young to remember Carson, but there was a time when people used to stay up every night just to watch his monologue,” he said.

“i do so remember Carson.”

Mom rolled her eyes. “No she doesn’t.”

“Yah mom, i do,” i retorted. “He had white hair. He wasn’t very funny. i like Leno better.”

Dad was appalled. “Wasn’t funny? C’mon! Let me tell you something little girl, Carson was great even when he wasn’t funny.”

“Yes. Everybody knew his monologues weren’t funny. It didn’t matter. We just loved to watch him,” mom said. “He was like a good friend.”

i had no idea my parents felt so strongly about the old man.

Mom continued. “I remember during the writers’ strike when Johnny had to write his own jokes. He was very funny then.”

“Oh yes, he was,” dad nodded. “Very funny.”

“But let me tell you,” my dad leaned forward, a serious look flashing across his face, “there were three times when Carson was so good that you made sure you stayed up to watch him.”

“When was that?” i asked.

“Whenever Don Rickles, Buddy Hackett or Pete Fountain were guests.”

“Pete Fountain?” i laughed.

“Yes, you know Pete Fountain. Played clarinet. Died a few years ago.”

“You and your Pete Fountain, dear,” mom chuckled.

i grew up listening to Pete Fountain records. My dad worshipped the guy.

“Of course,” dad said. “Rickles, Hackett and Pete Fountain. You didn’t miss Carson when any of those guys were on.” My dad’s face became wistful. “You know, you can’t say that about any talk show these days. There’s nobody today that compares. Nobody that makes you say, ‘hey I gotta stay up and watch tonight.’”

i tried to think of a guest who might compel me to watch Leno, or Letterman, in the way my dad used to stay up to watch Carson and Rickles, et al., but i drew a blank.

Until today, when Lileks guest hosted on Hewitt’s show.

Maybe it’s not the same thing, ‘cause it’s radio, but lemme tell you, when i hear that Lileks is going to be on the Hugh Hewitt show, i make darn sure i tune in that day. Lileks is as awesome on the radio as he is in print. When Lileks was cracking on "nude Hugh" with his bald head and hairy back running from the police, i was dying. That was funny stuff. He may not play the clarinet, but i'd stack James Lileks up against Buddy Hackett any day.

Update: Brad at Infinite Monkeys writes about his call in to the show, which i heard.

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January 28, 2004

Strange Lethargic Productivity Progress Report

Strangely, i've been somewhat productive today. Even after putzing around on the internet all morning and taking a super long lunch. But i don't feel like i've done anything, and i can't wait to get out of here. i'm such a total clock-watcher.

i don't know why i feel so lethargic. Maybe it's that i'm just coming off the flu. Maybe it's that i think i should really be in Hawaii right now, lazily floating on my back in the water of Kaneohe Bay. Paddling just enough to keep the tropical sun on my face. Looking out at that cute little island called Fisherman's Hat. Vaguely paranoid about the jellyfish and stingrays. Looking forward to some roast Kailua pig or maybe just a bowl of Zippy's chili rice. Playing ultimate frisbee with the friendly locals at the park, or dancing at one of them touristy dives in Waikiki. A Mai Tai or a Blue Hawaii in my hand. Going shopping at the Ala Moana in a bikini top and shorts. Eating fresh pineapple and mango and lychee and mountain apples. Seeing two or three rainbows every day. etc. etc.

. . .

Fuck, i'm still here.

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New Weblog Showcase Vote

Thanks to Roxette i found this fantastic poetry blog called Ivy Is Here. i pretend to talk a little about poetry, but Ivy is the real deal. i am gratified to see that she is currently number one in this week's NWS voting. Ivy gets my vote and many future return visits.

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Hooked Up At Work

Danger. annika is now hooked up at work. i finally figured out my login and MT is in effect. i can feel my productivity plummet as i type this. : )

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No Jokes About How Deep That Play Was

For a spicy theatrical experience, come to Chile!

Update: Newman links to another Chile related story:

Men and women, most of them in their 20s, poured onto a cordoned-off street in central Santiago, Chile’s capital, to smooch for at least 10 seconds in a bid to set a world record for the largest number of people kissing simultaneously.

. . .

With more than 4,400 kissing couples, the Chileans easily eclipsed the current Guinness World Records mark set in February 2000 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, when 1,588 pairs locked lips.

Something weird's been going on in Chile. They're starting to go wild down there.
Chile, one of Latin America’s most socially conservative nations, began showing a more exhibitionist bent last year when over 3,000 people turned up on the same street to be photographed naked on a cold winter morning.
Maybe it's a side effect of being upside down for so long.

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January 27, 2004

Kerry Is Merry

Hey Kerry? Why the long face?

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Francken Chop Blocks A Heckler

Comic, and big fat idiot, Al Francken took down a heckler at a Dean rally yesterday.

'I got down low and took his legs out,' said Franken afterwards.
What's the penalty for that, fifteen yards?
Wise-cracking funnyman Al Franken yesterday body-slammed a demonstrator to the ground after the man tried to shout down Gov. Howard Dean.
Francken says he did it because he believes in free speech.
'I'm neutral in this race but I'm for freedom of speech, which means people should be able to assemble and speak without being shouted down.'
Am i the only one who sees the irony in this? Al wants to protect freedom of speech by tackling someone who tries to exercise it.

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Sorry If i Deleted Your E-mail

When i was away i still checked my e-mails on my cell phone. i noticed that i was getting emails with "hi " in the subject line. When i opened them, there was no message. After deleting, the same e-mail would reappear in about five minutes. After the first time, i just deleted without opening it. Eventually they stopped.

Now, i think it was that new e-mail worm, which tries to trick users into opening it by using an innocuous subject line. Luckily, since i was using my cell-phone, there was no way for the worm to infect anything.

Anyway, now i routinely delete e-mails with suspiciously non-specific subject lines without opening them. i've also told people that if they want to e-mail me, it's best to use my name in the subject line, since the bots don't know my name. Hopefully that will help.

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January 16, 2004

Only A Test Post In A Gilded Cage

A Reflection Upon the Modern Style

Poetry that doesn't rhyme
Is laziness, a waste of time,
A blight upon the landscape that
Would be outlawed if I were King.

And poems that do not scan are worse;
How can they be described as verse?
They have no soul; their tone is flat;
They do not make one cry or sing.

This modern stuff I cannot stand.
It must be banished from the land,
While I lay out the welcome mat
For poetry with rhymes that ring

Down through these hallowed, ancient halls
And far on out beyond these walls,
To man and woman, dog and cat...
I'm out of words that end in ing.

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