November 03, 2008

The Big Day, Or The Last Day

The enemy is at the gates. Now is the time. Live free or die.

This is America. We are Americans. May it always be so.

There is a chance. We can dodge this bullet. I can't do it alone. None of us can. But with faith in our holy Father, we can do it together.

There are dark days ahead no matter who wins after tomorrow. But pray, and pray hard, that we will not be led into a darkness greater than we dare imagine. When you wake up tomorrow, dedicate the day to this hope, and your vote will become your prayer.

And if we fail tomorrow, let us not fail in the greater fight to come.

Be ready.

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1 I don't know that they're "at the gates". More like out on the hillsides, as in the movie Zulu. They're coming though. Not to worry. We have all of the real weapons, and the know-how.

Posted by: Casca at November 03, 2008 11:16 PM (PlgyR)

2 When they are through with the four years, there won't be much left to save. But, we must work to take back the Senate and the House in two and send the message loud and clear this time. If only Newt could have kept his zipper up...

Posted by: shelly at November 04, 2008 03:57 AM (4gHqM)

3 BTW, Annie, if you think tomorrow is going to be ugly, just wait for Saturday evening, round about 6:30 when the second half begins. Fight On!!

Posted by: shelly at November 04, 2008 04:16 AM (4gHqM)

4 Hi girl, hey if it don't go our way don't be discouraged. The Dems will get their twenty year spell to screw things up, then the public will remember why they don't like liberals.

Posted by: kyle8 at November 04, 2008 10:43 AM (CwFbX)

5 Spare the nicities; we are fucked and didn't even get kissed.

Posted by: shelly at November 04, 2008 05:44 PM (4gHqM)

6 We can now go back to hating McCain for all the times he's stabbed us in the back. We must now work to find true conservatives to support and get rid of RINOs wherever they appear. I, for one, have never forgotten how badly McCain sucks. We have two years to fight to swing the Senate and the House back in our favor. It shouldn't be too difficult with these asshats in command.

Posted by: Preston Taylor Holmes at November 04, 2008 07:05 PM (XodqF)

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